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Technical Authoring

Nothing is more frustrating than receiving a new capability with inferior documentation to match. At LES we have a proven capability in the development, review and delivery of technical publications to prevent this from occurring. Our experienced team of professional and technical personnel have authored quality, project and technical documentation for a wide variety of projects across defence and commercial industry. We offer a range of documentation development and illustration services including:

  • Development of management plans for:
    • Integrated Logistic Support,
    • Logistic Support Analysis,
    • Maintenance Support,
    • Supply Support, and
    • Training Support.
  • Company Operating Procedures and Standing Instructions.
  • Repair and maintenance manuals and illustrated parts manuals.
  • Development of Australian Defence specific documentation and manuals such as:
    • Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Instructions (EMEIs) and User Handbooks (UHBs), Australian Book of Reference (ABR), and Australian Air Publications (AAP);
    • parts, system and repair manuals; and
    • Repair Parts Identification Lists (RPILs) and associated Repair Parts Scales (RPSs).
  • Investigation of maintenance and repair requirements, including the development and validation of techniques required to document the maintenance requirements of an item or equipment throughout its service life.
  • Reverse engineering OEM supplied parts manuals for use in electronic parts lookup systems. LES successfully uses this method for developing Australian Defence Aviation Authorised Spares Sets (ADAASS), Repair Parts Identification Lists and Repair Parts Scales (RPILs/RPSs).
  • Manufacturers Recommended Spares List (MRSL), RPIL and technical wall charts for training purposes.