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Logistic Support Analysis Records (LSAR)

LES understands that the objective of Logistic Support Analysis (LSA) is to provide for optimum system performance, whilst supportability and availability factors are optimised and achieved at the minimum life-cycle cost. That is why at LES we are specialists in the conduct of LSA and the development of the Logistic Support Analysis Record (LSAR), including the management of the data within it. We are confident in our ability to deliver excellent, fit for purpose LSAR and have developed our own suite of software (see software) compliant to MIL-STD-1388-2B and DEF(AUST)5692 to support and reduce the cost to our clients.

LES is able to assist organisations to process their LSAR data and convert it into useful information to enable executives and managers to make informed decisions. A well-maintained LSAR ensures data integrity, improves access to reliable and credible information, allows effective data distribution to key stakeholders and provides the required levels of control for a rigorous design, maintenance and inventory management framework.

Not only does LES construct the LSAR, but we have the in-house expertise to tailor your LSAR requirements prior to acquisition, or to redevelop an existing LSAR to reflect the emerging needs of your organisation. Whatever your requirements, LES is equipped and able to provide the optimum solution for your LSAR needs.