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Project Support Services

In addition to the delivery of Integrated Logistics Support services, LES is also able to provide additional management, logistics, maintenance and engineering services, including:

  • Configuration Management. LES applies Configuration Management (CM) to its design and development activities. LES has the capability to facilitate the development and implementation of Configuration Management (CM) systems for small to large scale projects.
  • Maintenance Program Optimisation. LES is able to able to provide assistance in order to optimise an existing maintenance program focusing on the applicability and effectiveness of Maintenance Policy and individual maintenance tasks.
  • Independent Audits. Independent auditing of configuration and quality processes.
  • Database Administration. Database population, data migration and data validation.
  • Develop or Review ILS plans and reports, including
    • Integrated Support Plans (ISP),
    • Integrated Logistic Support Instructions/Army Logistic instructions (ILSIs/ALIs), and
    • Logistic Support Analysis Program Plan (LSAPP).