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December 2013

JP2060 - Portable Oxygen Generation System ILS Support to Mediquip

LES has teamed with Mediquip Australia to support their successful tender to supply a Portable Oxygen Generation System. The program requires the complete suite of ILS products to support the acquisition and sustainment of the capability in service. LES is also providing project management and contract advice to Mediquip.

November 2013

LES Completes Delivery of MH-60R WSDB

LES has completed delivery of the MH-60R Weapon System Database (WSDB) to Sikorsky Helitech and has subsequently been accepted by the AIR9000 Ph 8 Project Office. The WSDB development was completed on time and budget due to the excellent collaboration between the Project Office, Sikorsky Helitech, Naval Air Systems Program Office (NASPO) and the efforts of the highly skilled LES personnel assigned to the project. The successful completion ensures that the aircraft Technical Maintenance Plan (TMP) and Planned Servicing Schedule (PSS) are ready for the aircrafts introduction into service.

The only remaining task for LES is to support Sikorsky Helitech with the aircraft Asset Data Load to CAMM2. This will occur in Jacksonville, Florida over the December 13 - February 14 period with possible further support as aircraft are delivered.

Air8000 Ph2 Battlefield Airlift Independent Maintenance Inspections

LES has completed the development of the C-27J Air Vehicle Independent Maintenance Inspections (IMI). After considerable effort by both the AIR8000 Phase 2 Project Office and LES an efficient and robust methodology was developed and utilised to analyse the relevant data and create IMI that meet the requirements of AAP 7001.053, Technical Airworthiness Management Manual. LES believe the methodology will now be used for future projects and to review and update existing platform IMI.

Combat Support Systems Program Office (CSSPO) Plans and Instructions

LES has successfully tendered for the development of Disposal Plans for outgoing equipment and Integrated Logistic Support Instructions (ILSI) to support incoming replacement capabilities. The Disposal Plans will be developed to meet the Australian Military Sales Office (AMSO) requirements, whilst the ILSI will provide instructions for the in-service management of the new capabilities.

October 2013

CSSPO Mortar Engineering Drawings

OnePointSix and LES have again joined forces to conduct further rewrite and update of the engineering drawings for the current in-service mortar. Combat Support Systems Program Office (CSSPO) as part of Land Systems Division had further requirements for the dated engineering drawings of the L16A2, 81 mm Mortar to be redrawn to ensure legibility and clarity of dimensions and to facilitate the update of its specifications.

AMP031-09 Line Laying Module RAM Analysis for IDES

Integrated Design and Engineering Solutions (IDES) has contracted LES to complete a Reliability, Availability and Maintainability (RAM) analysis on their newly designed Line Laying Module for Defence. The module will be used to lay and retrieve communications cables within a theatre of operations. The RAM analysis provides proof that the module design meets the Defence specifications and gives confidence that the module will give long and effective service.

September 2013

LES Delivers EMEI and UHB Training to Thales Bendigo

LES has been contracted to provide equivalent training to the Electrical Mechanical Engineering Instructions (EMEI) User Handbook (UHB) Author Training provided to DMO at the Thales Australia, Bendigo facility, using the Authorised EMEI UHB Template Suite and associated references. The training will provide Thales personnel with the skills and knowledge to develop technical documentation in accordance with DEF(AUST)5629B and meet their contractual obligations in this area.

Technical Author Support to BAE Systems

LES has supplied technical authoring support to BAE Systems to update ships manuals as part of the Anzac and Hydrographic ship through life support programs. The work consists of incorporating changes made to the ship configuration due to modification or upgrade programs.

August 2013

LHD Supply Support

LES has once again been requested to provide supply support services to the LHD project by BAE Systems. The work involves validating supply data to equip the LHD as it is prepared for sea trials and eventual handover to the RAN.

July 2013

Air8000 Ph2 Battlefield Airlift LSA Project Update

As reported in February this year LES was successful in its bid to develop Logistic Support Analysis (LSA) products in support of Project AIR8000 Phase 2 Battlefield Airlift. The project has progressed on schedule and budget with the following milestones achieved:

  • Logistic Control Number (LCN) Structure 100% complete
  • Australian Defence Aviation Authorised Spares System (ADAASS) 25% complete
  • Technical Maintenance Plan (TMP) Tasks 100% complete
  • CAMM2 Trial Data Load complete
  • ADAASS 50% complete
  • Planned Servicing Schedule (PSS) 50% complete
  • ADAASS 75% complete
June 2013

LES Selected to Deliver EMEI and UHB Training to the DMO

LES successfully tendered through the DMOSS Panel to deliver Electrical Mechanical Engineering Instructions (EMEI) and User Handbook (UHB) Author Training to DMO personnel. The training was delivered on site at Victoria Barracks, Melbourne and provided attendees with the skills and knowledge to successfully develop and review EMEI and UHB. Subjects covered included the application of DEF(AUST)5629B, technical writing and the use of the LES developed EMEI and UHB templates.

May 2013

JP2060 - Defence Health Capability ILS Documentation

LES has been successful in gaining a further contract through competitive tender with JP2060 that will see LES continue its support for the Deployable Health Capabilities. This contract requires the development of Configuration Management Trees, drafting of all technical data including EMEI, CES, Cdata and UHB. Most importantly, it allows the continued transfer of knowledge to HLTHSPO staff.

February 2013

LES Secures Logistic Support Analysis (LSA) Projects for the Australian C-27J BFA Aircraft

Logistic Engineering Services Pty Ltd (LES) has been successful in its bid to develop solutions for two tasks in support of Project AIR8000 Phase 2 Battlefield Airlift - Caribou Replacement.

  • The development of the C-27J Air Vehicle Logistics Support Analysis Record (LSAR) and Related Instructions for Continuing Airworthiness (ICA). The AIR8000 Phase 2 Project Office awarded the Purchase Order under the provisions of the Defence Materiel Organisation Support Services (DMOSS) Panel to LES on 14 January 2013.
  • The development of the C-27J Air Vehicle Independent Maintenance Inspections (IMI). The AIR8000 Phase 2 Project Office awarded the Purchase Order under the provisions of the Defence Materiel Organisation Support Services (DMOSS) Panel to LES on 04 March 2013.

The LES LSAR and Related ICA project comprises the production and delivery of the:

  • C-27J Air Vehicle WSDB, TMP and PSS;
  • Australian Defence Aircraft Authorised Spares System (ADAASS) data sets for the C-27J Air Vehicle;
  • WSBD for the C-27J Support and Test Equipment (S&TE); and
  • Provision of consultancy services to assist CAMM2 seeding and the transition of the WSDB and ADAASS into service.

LES will once again utilise its proprietary software application eMRD to complete the development of the WSDB. eMRD is a robust and proven application that enables the analyst to make consistent determinations by providing greater visibility of build structure and servicing integration.

The AIR8000 Phase 2 Project Office joins the growing number of Defence Agencies such as AMPRT, TASPO, TFSPO and Defence Industry clients to rollout eMRD, as their tool of choice to conduct WSDB activities in support of their Maintenance Requirements Determination (MRD) and LSAR data management functions.

The LES C-27J Development of IMI project comprises the production and delivery of the:

  • IMI Development Methodology; and
  • Development of IMI for both Preventive and Corrective Maintenance Tasks for the C-27J Air Vehicle.

Both the LES LSAR and Related ICA and LES C-27J Development of IMI projects are essential in contributing to the type certification and sustainment of the Australian C-27J BFA Aircraft. The project is being managed and resourced entirely from within LES to meet the delivery schedule for the capability, which will enter into service in early 2015.

January 2013

Configuration Management Centre (CMC) Support to ATOS

LES support of the ATOS contract for CMC Data Remediation has been extended. LES is providing Configuration Management and technical data review expertise. This phase of CMT-L Release 4 (R4) focuses on the stabilisation of business processes utilising R4 capability and knowledge transfer. Work includes conducting workshops, providing on going personalised support, stabilising Configuration Item (CI) structures and ongoing technical data/document migration during the transition period. Workshops also focus on the importance of applying correct relationships within CMT-L and the impact this has on report capability being provided by TCR&A the reporting module supporting CMT-L.