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December 2012

LES Gains Extension to C-130J Planned Servicing Schedule Review (PSSR) for Australian Aerospace

Australian Aerospace (AA) has successfully completed Phase 1 of the PSSR which included LES support to assist in the data review and provide justification for the servicing interval extension and eventually the repackaging of the PSS tasks utilising LES's proprietary software application, eMRD.

LES continues its support of Australian Aerospace through a 12 month extension to provide experienced Maintenance Requirements Determination personnel to support Phase 2 of the project.

Personnel are located on-site at RAAF Richmond and remotely at LES Offices in Melbourne. The project seeks to improve the planned servicing regime of the C130J to reduce costs and increase availability. The extension is recognition of the quality of personnel and services provided.

November 2012

LES Provides ILS Introductino Training to Chemring Australia

Chemring Australia have joined the ILS training club and did so with a large compliment of participants from very diverse backgrounds. Chemring products include munitions, pyrotechnics, countermeasures, explosive ordnance disposal and counter IED solutions, so this was a new challenge for the ILS Course when looking at the application of the ILS principles and procedures to these types of ordnance. The training was delivered on-site at the Chemring facilities at Lara, Victoria, just short of Geelong. LES trainers Phil Hutchison and Shane Layt received good feedback from Chemring participants who indicated the training provided some alternative ways of thinking and a better level of understanding of the LSA tasks and the fundamental ILS inputs into a capability.

Varley - Surveillance and Reconnaissance Module Technical Documentation

After the successful delivery of the Tyre Maintenance Shelter documentation updates, LES has again supported Varley to provide ILS documentation for the new Surveillance and Reconnaissance Module to be fitted to the back of the Project Overlander Mercedes Benz G Wagon 6x6. LES produced a LSAR and LORA as well as a suite of EMEIs, a User Handbook, a CES and a RPIL. LES produced all of the documents, including all of the illustrations and graphics in house.

October 2012

JP2060 - Defence Health Capability ILS Documentation

LES has been selected through competitive tender to provide Integrated Logistic Support (ILS) management to the JP 2060 PH2B Integrated Logistic Support Manager (ILSM) for the Deployable Health Capabilities (DHC). The equipment is generally low complexity, Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) medical equipment items being procured through a limited approach to market via the Medical and Dental Equipment panel of suppliers. LES is providing a wide range of ILS support including technical documentation, ILSI, planning and knowledge transfer.

September 2012

LES Supports Sikorsky Helitech on Air9000 Ph8 Romeo WSDB Development

The Commonwealth of Australia is purchasing 24 MH-60R Seahawk Helicopters for the Royal Australian Navy under a Foreign Military Sales (FMS) arrangement from the United States Navy (USN). Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation (SAC), the 'Green Aircraft' OEM, has also been engaged to develop the supporting DEF(AUST) 5692 compliant Weapon System Database (WSDB), a Technical Maintenance Plan (TMP) and a Planned Servicing Schedule (PSS) to support the aircraft during in-service use; for which SAC has commissioned the services of its in-country representatives Sikorsky Helitech. WSDB development is a highly specialised field and Sikorsky Helitech has in turn engaged the services of Logistic Engineering Services (LES) Pty Ltd, the pre-eminent specialists in WSDB development, to facilitate the development of the WSDB and associated deliverables.

LES is tasked to develop the MH-60R WSDB in accordance with DEF(AUST) 5692, creating the functional and physical LCN structure and entering the USN maintenance policy for Maintenance Managed Items (MMI). The WSDB will be developed using LES proprietary software eMRD and will be used to seed CAMM2 with the aircraft configuration data and maintenance policy to enable the production of the TMP and PSS. eMRD provides analysts with the most efficient method of completing the contract whilst complying with the business rules of DEF(AUST) 5692. LES has completed this task successfully for other ADF platforms, most recently the Royal Australian Air Force FA-18F Super Hornets and the Tactical Air Defence Radar System.

August 2012

LES Provides ILS Introduction Training to Australian Aerospace

Once again LES has delivered ILS Training to Australian Aerospace with a full complement of 16 personnel on the course. The participants were from a wide range of disciplines and projects, including C130J, MRH, ARH and Capability programs. They came from roles such as Supply, Documentation, Engineering and Training which provided a myriad of views, opinions and ILS antidotes during the course. The course was very well received by those that attended and once again Mr Steve Curnow (AA) was able to lend his talented hand to relate the training to the Australian Aerospace environment.

LES Training Staff Continual Development

LES keeps pace with the ever evolving trends in education, current learning, teaching and training innovations. LES' training staff members have successfully undertaken nationally accredited training through Box Hill Institute to update their training qualifications to the new Cert IV in Training and Assessment (TAE40110). Maintaining staff qualifications with National Standards ensures that LES is conversant with the latest in training policies and procedures and staff skills, knowledge and attitudes are commensurate and up to date with today's requirements. This training supplements our highly qualified staff's ability to undertake training design, development and to deliver to our Defence and Defence Industry customers.

July 2012

(AZ002) CMC Data Remediation

LES continues to attract repeat business from its newly gained customers, with ATOS once again selecting LES services to support Data Remediation activities for the Technical Data Management Centre (TDMC) in Land Engineering Agency (LEA). The tasking involves the preparation of Technical Data including EMEI, DEF(AUST) and ARMY(AUST) standards and specifications. LES will also develop Configuration Item (CI) Tree Structures for land materiel platforms and Fleets.

(BV001) Tyre Maintenance Shelter EMEI & UHB Development

The procurement by the Commonwealth of Australia of additional Tyre Maintenance Shelters (TMS) to support its Bushmaster and ASLAV fleets from Varley, Defence and Aerospace, has triggered the update of the associated Technical Data. Varley, a new customer to LES, has secured its services to review and update as necessary the User Handbook, Mechanical Engineering Instructions (EMEI) and Repair Parts Scale (RPS) to reflect the latest build standard of the TMS.

The task, which includes the update of operating and maintenance procedures, including figures and photographs, RPS illustrations and the collation of the Repair Parts Identification List (RPIL) is being conducted within the constraints of an extremely compressed schedule.

(JA064) ARMTSPO ILSI Remediation

Facing stiff competition from other Defence Materiel Organisation Support Services (DMOSS) panel members, LES was successful in its bid to provide ILSI remediation services to ARMTSPO. LES has been engaged to review, amend and update the technical documentation and related administration and management processes for up to 19 Integrated Logistic Support Instructions (ILSI) for several SPO capabilities to address Technical Regulatory Framework (TRF) requirements.

LES is required to review, undertake research, amend and incorporate relevant data into ILSI data packages, as well as raise, manage and implement Engineering Change Proposals (ECP) data for each updated data pack within the Technical Data Management System (TDMS). LES is also responsible for management and staffing of draft ILSI documents for stakeholder review and subsequent update of documents for release to stakeholders for endorsement.

(90000) ILS Tender Response Elements for the Mediquip OGS Bid Response

LES has provided bid support services to MEDIQUIP, a leading supplier of biomedical and medical gas equipment, in their bid to secure the contract for the deployable Oxygen Generation System for JP2060-Phase 2B Deployable Health Capability, DMO. LES developed the acquisition and Support ILS plans for the tender response and provided other tender response advice to MEDIQUIP regarding ASDEFCON contracting requirements.

June 2012

(HB001) PC9 WSDB Error Identification

Training Aircraft System Program Office (TASPO) has engaged LES to conduct a review of the PC9 Weapon System Database (WSDB) to identify errors and provide guidance on suitable remedial actions prior to Aerospace Maintenance Policy Review Team (AMPRT) starting an MRD review on the PC9 maintenance policy. AMPRT are the DMO centre of excellence for the determination of maintenance requirements on Defence Aircraft. TASPO and AMPRT specifically targeted LES services to conduct the scope of work for this task.

Having recently completed the Super Hornet and Tactical Air Defence Radar System (TADRS) WSDB LES are now undoubtedly the Industry leaders in the development, review and management of DEF(AUST)5692 Weapon System Databases (WSDB). LES utilised eMRD, its proprietary software application to complete the review, which has also been adopted by AMPRT, TASPO, TFSPO and numerous other Defence Industry clients, as their tool of choice to conduct WSDB MRD task activities.

(BNTRG) ILS Module 1 Training Delivery

Following on from the success of delivering Module 1 - Introduction to ILS with a Mind Manager 'bolt-on' course to Daronmont Technologies, LES has secured additional work to deliver its recently updated Module 2 - Advanced Logistic Support Analysis (LSA) and Sustainment course, to Daronmont Engineers at its facility at Mawson Lakes, Adelaide. The four day course builds on the introduction to ILS, examining LSA in more detail and its application during the in-service sustainment phase of the materiel system lifecycle.

May 2012

(AZ001) LOGIS ILSI and Transition Plan

Atos Australia secured LES services to support the development, staffing and approval of the LOGIS IBM Rational Test Toolset Integrated Logistics Support Instruction (ILSI). The task included the facilitation of workshops to develop and staff the ILSI through stakeholder review and approvals. In addition, LES contributed to the development of the Transition Plan to manage the system's transition into service.

(JA062) HLTHSPO Tech Data Remediation

LES has been contracted to supply data remediation services for Health Systems Program Office (HLTHSPO). The task involved the development of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Instructions (EMEI) for some 33 items of legacy in-service equipment. The EMEI comprised Authority for Use and Technical Descriptions for Medical and Dental equipment. It also included research activities to secure OEM Operating Manuals and Maintenance Instructions from HLTHSPO suppliers located both in Australia and abroad. The task was completed on time despite a very compressed schedule.


Land Systems Division, Configuration Management Centre Technical Data Remediation (TDR) program contacted LES through the DMOSS panel to provide services to CSVSPO. The task involved reviewing two sources of Repair Parts Scale data for the Truck, Cargo, WO Winch, Heavy, MC3, Mack, consolidating and verifying the identified changes to produce a new issue of the RPS. This also involved reviewing and updating the change affected group illustrations within the RPS.

(AS002) Dyson's DAMPAR Update

There have been substantial changes to the Vehicles and Equipment Dyson apprentices may encounter in their workplace, since the introduced of the Dyson Apprentice Management Program & Activity Reporting (DAMPAR) Logbook, which was developed by LES in 2008; the Logbook allows Dyson to monitor the development and needs of its apprentices undertaking its apprentice program. Dyson has once again selected and secured LES services to conduct a review of the apprentices work environment and to update the DAMPAR Logbook to meet the new competency requirements that are identified during the review.

April 2012

(JA060) 81mm Mortar Tech Drawings

OnePointSix and LES successfully joined forces to conduct a rewrite and update of the engineering drawings for the current in-service mortar. Combat Support Systems Program Office (CSSPO) as part of Land Systems Division had a requirement for the dated engineering drawings of the L16A2, 81 mm Mortar to be redrawn to ensure legibility and clarity of dimensions; to facilitate the update of its specifications.

(JA061) Deployable Health Capability ILS Documentation

The DMO selected LES from Support Services Panel respondents to conduct data remediation tasks for Health Systems Program Office (HLTHSPO) JP2060 Ph 2B. The tasks entailed the completion of a number of Integrated Logistic Support Instructions (ILSI) and Engineering Change Proposals (ECP). Additionally, LES was to ensure that all ILS documentation for newly procured equipment within the Project was developed and processed through to completion during the contracted period.

(BSTRG) ILS Overview Training Delivery

The Defence industry association of South Australia, Defence Teaming Centre Inc, contracted LES to provide a One Day Integrated Logistic Support (ILS) for Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) Workshop. The workshop was specifically designed to provide an introduction to ILS for SMEs seeking to become part of the Defence Industry and broaden the understanding of existing Defence industry SMEs. The workshop was facilitated by LES at DTC facilities at Technology Park, Mawson Lakes, SA.

March 2012

(BQ001) GMK4080 Mobile Crane Parts Codification

LES were chosen by Manitowoc Cranes to assist in the collection and presentation of supporting source documentation for the codification of the spare parts required to maintain the GMK4080 Mobile Crane. There are two configurations of the 80 tonne capacity GMK4080 being delivered, three standard commercial off the shelf variants and one hardened variant. The project required LES to source data from a diverse range of media to enable Manitowoc to submit the data for codification through the National Codification Bureau.

(BD009) T-56 Engine MRD Review QA

Qantas Defence Services (QDS) has undertaken a T56-A-14 Engine Power Section Task Analysis Review for the Commonwealth of Australia, for which LES has been contracted to provide review services. The review services include the provision of guidance to QDS during the task analysis and a report on the outcomes of the QDS Task Analysis Review.

February 2012

(HH001) MRD Gap Analysis

LES proficiency in conducting Maintenance Requirements Determination (MRD) and delivering MRD training has been recognised by Aerospace Systems Division (ASD), with the award of a contract to complete a gap analysis between Australian Defence Organisation (ADO) MRD policy, associated logistics policy, DEF(AUST) standards and MRD procedures. The analysis culminated in the delivery of a detailed report which provided a consolidated record of identified deficiencies, overlaps and inconsistencies in existing policy, guidance and procedures. It recommended a set of discrete and prioritised work activities for ASD that are aimed at resolving the identified disconnects within the suite of ADO documentation related to MRD policy, standards, guidance and procedures.

(JA059) Tech Doc - ILS Management

Soldier Modernisation Systems Program Office (SMSPO) within Land Systems Division is responsible for the acquisition, sustainment and disposal of combat field equipment, adventure training equipment, personal protective equipment, air dispatch equipment and Special Forces equipment. JP2088 and JP199, within SMSPO, are responsible for equipping Special Forces units in particular Second Commando Regiment. LES was engaged by SMSPO to assist in the creation and amendment of ILS documentation, in particular ILSI and ILSP, CES, NTI and the updating of Block Scale and unit SED entitlements.

(ESTRG) ILS Module 1 Training Delivery

Lockheed Martin (LM) Australia Electronic Systems Pty Ltd selected LES to provide Integrated Logistic Support (ILS) training services. LES delivered its preeminent ILS course: Module 1 - Introduction to ILS, to LM staff members over four days at their Mawson Lakes facility in Adelaide. Feedback from course participants confirmed the relevance of the course content, the quality of presentations and the on-going benefit the training would provide.