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December 2011

LES Selected to Support Armament Systems Program Office Reduce The Backlog of Engineering Change Proposals

The Armament Systems Program Office (ARMTSPO) within Land Systems Division (LSD) is part of the Defence Materiel Organisation (DMO) and is responsible for the acquisition, sustainment, and disposal of Australian Defence Force (ADF) small arms and direct fire weapons used by the armed services. LES has been engaged for a period of 3 months to address the backlog of 129 ECPs in accordance with SOP (LSD) 12-0-302.

Nova Defence Engages LES to Develop Technical and ILS Documents for JP2088 / JP199

The Scope of Work is to deliver specific technical and ILS documents in support of project deliverables to enable design acceptance and introduction into service for a range of equipment. The level of documentation required for each deliverable varies, however each generally requires ILS Instructions and Plans (ILSI and ILSP), Complete Equipment Scales (CES), cataloguing and codification, Single Entitlement Document or Block Scales, Repair Parts Scales and Training Management Plans.

LES to Conduct Free ILS Workshops for SME's Through a Grant From the Defence Industry Innovation Centre (DIIC) Enterprise Connect - Workshops, Industry Intelligence and Networking (WIIN) Round 7

LES has been awarded a grant to deliver Integrated Logistic Support workshops in Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and one other location to be determined by DIIC. LES has been awarded the grant in recognition of our established and proven ILS courses and our extensive industry experience. The one day workshops are designed as an introduction for management, engineering, maintenance, procurement, supply and project staff of SME's who have any interaction with the technical based acquisition and sustainment projects, processes and products, be they Defence, Defence Industry or organisations planning to enter into Defence projects.

Scheduled for February/March 2012, LES will advertise the workshops through AIDN with registrations through the LES web site.

November 2011

LES Provides Specialist Services to BAE Systems AP-3C ESM LSAR Upgrade Project

BAE Systems Australia, Aerospace Division, is currently developing ILS products in support of the AP-3C Block Upgrade Program. Logistic Engineering Services (LES) has been contracted to provide a specialist in the field of Logistic Support Analysis (LSA) to update the existing Electronic Surveillance Measures (ESM) System LSA Record (LSAR). Selection of LES staff for this task further enhances the position of LES as the Industry leader in the development and management of data IAW DEF(AUST)5692.

Maritime Patrol Systems Program Office Seek Assistance From LES With Remediation of the AP-3P/D Orion Weapon System Databases

Maritime Patrol System Program Office (MPSPO) required a competent team to conduct the review and update of the P3C Orion Weapon System Database (WSDB). This work largely covers the review and implementation of corrections to the WSDB in areas identified during the R2 Servicing Review by the Aerospace Maintenance Policy Review Team (AMPRT). AMPRT are the centre of excellence for the determination of maintenance on Defence Aircraft.

MPSPO and AMPRT sought out Logistic Engineering Services (LES) to conduct the scope of work. LES, having recently completed the Super Hornet and Tactical Air Defence Radar System (TADRS) WSDB, are recognised as the Industry leaders in the conduct of Logistic Support Analysis (LSA) IAW the requirements of DEF(AUST)5692 and in particular the conduct of Maintenance Requirements Determination (MRD) for complex platforms. LES will utilise eMRD, a highly popular tool developed by LES and adopted by AMPRT, TFSPO and numerous Defence Industry clients, as the tool of choice to conduct the review requirements.

BAE Marine Seeks Manpower Assistance from LES for Management Oversight of the LHD LSAR

LES has been awarded a contract by BAE Systems Australia, Maritime Division, to provide a skilled manager/practitioner to support the management of the Logistic Support Analysis Record (LSAR) for the Landing Helicopter Docks (LHD) being acquired by the Commonwealth. The LHD will be the largest ship to serve with the Royal Australian Navy and will provide a quantum leap in capability for the ADF. LES will supply the LSAR manager for an initial 12 month contract.

October 2011

LES' Contributions in Supporting the ADO are Recognised

On the 25th Oct 2011, LES was presented with a letter recognising its contributions to the Australian Defence Organisation (ADO) under the newly-launched Letter of Recognised Supply (LoRS) Scheme.

The LoRS program is designed to help sustain Australian Defence industry capability by acknowledging the successful supply by an Australian Company to the Australian Defence Organisation. The Letter of Recognised Supply provides evidence that the company has met the standards of supply demanded by the Australian Defence Organisation and that products and services were supplied on time, on budget and to specification.

For more information on the LoRS Scheme, click here.

September 2011

LES Begins Phase 1 of the C-130J Service Interval Extension Project for Australian Aerospace

Australian Aerospace (AA) is currently planning a servicing interval extension for the C-130J with a view to improve fleet availability and increase annual operating hours. LES has been contracted to assist in the data review and provide justification for the servicing interval extension and eventually the repackaging of the PSS tasks utilising LES's proprietary software application, eMRD.

Phase 1 of the project began commenced mid September 2011 with the combined AA-LES team reviewing C-130J EMERALD data for Maintenance Interval Extension Requests (MIER) which could provide justification for the planned servicing interval extensions AA intends to implement. C-130J PSS tasks are also being reviewed for safety implications that may arise as a consequence of the planned servicing interval extensions.

Although LES will maintain a constant presence at RAAF Base Richmond, a portion of the contracted work will be completed at the LES head office in Port Melbourne Victoria with the AA project manager making regular visits to ensure the project schedule is maintained.

LES Provides Specialist Technical Authoring Support and Training Development Services to BAE Systems AP-3C TCAS & ESM Upgrade Project

BAE Aerospace is currently developing ILS products in support of the AP-3C Block Upgrade Program. Logistic Engineering Services has been contracted to provide specialist Technical Authoring and Training Development personnel to assist BAE Aerospace in the development of technical documentation and training products for the Traffic Collision Avoidance System (TCAS) and Electronic Surveillance Measures (ESM) System Upgrade components of the project.

LES Provides ILS Product Development Services to IDES

Logistic Engineering Services Pty Ltd (LES) has been awarded a contract by Integrated Design and Engineering Solutions Pty Ltd (IDES) to provide ILS Services in support of the provision of a Mobile Proof Gun Mount (MPGM) trailer to support the Australian Defence Force's Joint Proof Experimental Unit (JPEU) at Port Wakefield, South Australia. The scope of work includes the drafting of the Integrated Support Plan, the Technical Data Plan, the User Handbook and the Training Recommendation Report. LES will also provide the relevant data tables for the Technical Data List, the Codification Data List and the Recommended Provisioning List. LES has extensive experience in the development, delivery and review of all ILS products for both acquisition projects and in-service organisations.

August 2011

QANTAS Defence Services (QDS) Acquire Additional eMRD Licenses

QDS has purchased additional eMRD licences to support the in-service management of the Multi-Role Tanker Transport (MRTT) platform. QDS have used eMRD since the commencement of the project and were the launch customer for eMRD Companion - a 'bolt-on' application to eMRD that compares LSAR files against a baseline to identify changes.

LES' eMRD software is currently in use on a variety of land, sea and air projects in both the acquisition and in-service environments. Current licence holders include:

  • BAE Australia
  • Marshall Aerospace
  • Australian Aerospace
  • Lockheed Martin Australia
  • Thales Australia
  • Tactical Fighter System Program Office (TFSPO)
  • Aircraft Maintenance Policy Review Team (AMPRT) - Aerospace Systems Division (ASD)
  • Qantas Defence Services
  • The Asset Partnership
  • Tasman Aviation Enterprises

Training for New Defence Fire Trucks

SEM Fire and Rescue

SEM Fire and Rescue Pty Ltd sourced LES as a sub-contractor to provide a range of ILS Services in support of SEM's designed and built Truck Fire Fighting Rural (TFFR) that is the replacement for the aging 1980's Mercedes Rural Fire trucks and is to be used by Army Emergency Responders. LES provided a wide range of ILS Services to SEM that has been professionally project managed throughout by Roger Miller. LES developed User Hand Books (UHB), Complete Equipment Schedules (CES) and range of contractual supporting documentation. The services provided by LES included Designing, Developing, Delivering and Conducting training on the new vehicle and it's Fire Fighting Systems.

SEM Fire and Rescue

In September 2011, LES ran a detailed four day Train-The-Trainer Operators Course at RAAF Security and Fire School (RAAFSFS) at RAAF Base Amberley for eight senior Army Emergency Responders and project staff from DMO. The course provided for licensing operators to safely drive and operate the vehicle systems along with detailed training on how to operate the Fire Fighting and Crew Protection Systems. At the end of the training, staff from RAAFSFS used the delivered training materials to incorporate the training into the Basic Fire Course. The senior Army Emergency Responders could also use the delivered training materials and the skills gained on the course to deliver gap training to unit personnel on the vehicles as they were delivered.

Training Stepping up with SADI

Logistic Engineering Services Training (LEST) is having a busy end of the year with many organisations now seeing its training in Integrated Logistic Support (ILS) and Maintenance Requirements Determination (MRD) as a valuable adjunct to their skills inventory. Skilling Australian Defence Industry (SADI), which is a Defence initiative to up-skill the Defence industry to meet the evolving and ever increasing Defence demands for quality Acquisition and Sustainment services, has provided a wide range of funding that permits these organisations to gain these skill sets.

In August, LEST provided the four day, ILS Introductory course to 16 staff from Daronmont Technologies in their facilities at Technology Park, Mawson Lakes, SA. Shane Layt, Training Manager for LES, said "It seemed a little strange at first because we had a course of 16 very qualified Engineers in the room. We usually had a very diverse group of Warehousing, Tech Authors, ILS personnel in the course, but these guys were very good value and we believe gained some very good insights into the ILS world from the course.

LEST has provided a number of ILS and MRD courses throughout the year with a number of courses still on the books for 2011-12 and many have gained funding for these courses through SADI.

June 2011

LES "SCIP's" to a Silver Award for Business Excellence at its Initial Assessment Under the Australian Government's SC21 Initiative

LES has signed up to the 21st Century Supply Chain (SC21) initiative sponsored by the Australian Government through Enterprise Connect and the Defence Industry Innovation Centre, as part of its continual improvement program. LES became the first supplier of 'Services' to be assessed under the initiative within Australia and has achieved a Silver Award for Business Excellence at its initial assessment, its Operational Excellence in currently undergoing assessment by Enterprise Connect.

The LES Supply Chain Improvement Program (SCIP) is being implemented in conjunction with a number of its key Customers and is focused on implementing 'Lean' principles and techniques across all of its services and business operations.

In addition, the annual Surveillance Audit conducted on 8th June 2011 by SAI Global on the LES Quality System concluded with the recommendation for continuing certification to AS/NZS ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems Requirements, once again with no major areas of concern identified.

Lockheed Rolls TADRS INTO CAMM2 with Help From LES

Lockheed Martin Australia Limited (LMAL) has successfully loaded Tactical Air Defence Radar System (TADRS) data into CAMM2 with support provided by LES personnel on-site at LMAL's Newcastle office. LES had previously restructured the TADRS Weapon System Database (WSDB) on behalf of LMAL under Phase 1 and delivered the WSDB physical and functional restructure in preparation for Phase 2. With Phase 2 now well under way, CAMM2 'go live' tasks are completed and 3 of the 4 TADRS systems are now operating in the CAMM2 environment. The fourth TADRS system, the Bathurst Island (BTI) radome housing one TADRS semi-fixed system, has been reviewed for build structure and maintenance policy in readiness for inclusion in the TADRS WSDB and should be loaded to CAMM2 by end of June 2011.

DMO policy mandates use of corporate software programs to manage Defence assets. Director General Technical Airworthiness - Air Force (DGTA-AF) has directed that the maintenance of Aviation Support Systems, also known as Surveillance and Control (S&C) equipment, shall be managed using an accredited Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS) and CAMM2 has been selected for this role. The TADRS Weapon System Database (WSDB) has been reconfigured to comply with DEF(AUST) 5692, correctly identify maintenance managed items and enabling data migration into CAMM2.

TADRS is the CAMM2 pilot for S&C equipment and will define the future transition of similar Defence assets into a WSDB compatible with CAMM2.

LES Provides Expertise to BAE Aerospace's AP-3C Traffic Alert & Collision Avoidance System Project

BAE Aerospace is currently developing the ILS products in support of the AP-3C Traffic Alert & Collision Avoidance System (TCAS) project. LES has been contracted to provide specialist LSA personnel to populate LSA data into the AP-3C Weapon System Database for delivery to the client.

The TCAS 1 is an airborne system used for detecting and tracking transponder equipped aircraft, to determine range, relative bearing and relative altitude to determine if a possible collision hazard exists. If a hazard exits TCAS issues visual and aural advisories to the aircrew of possible conflict.

May 2011

Another Defence Agency Purchases eMRD

LES is pleased to announce Aerospace System Division's (ASD) Aerospace Maintenance Policy Review Team (AMPRT) recently purchased a number of eMRD licenses to enhance AMPRT's ability to efficiently conduct maintenance policy reviews and updates to Weapon System Databases (WSDB). AMPRT joins the growing number of Defence Agencies and Defence Industry organisations to rollout eMRD in support of their Maintenance Requirements determination (MRD) and LSAR data management functions.

AMPRT was recently formed to provide MRD support services to Aerospace System Program Offices (SPOs) and will no doubt make a significant impact in the drive for more effective and efficient maintenance policies across all Defence Aerospace assets.

This recent purchase highlight's the growing recognition of the efficiency and effectiveness gains that are made through the use of LES software products.

Logistic Engineering Services (LES) Teams with Logistic Solutions Australasia (LSA) to Support the Land Systems Division Technical Data Remediation (TDR) Program

The combined knowledge and experience of LES and LSA in the development of technical documentation has been recognised by the Land Systems Division Technical Data Centre and Land Manoeuvre Systems Branch. The award of the contract to review, amend or create Technical Data (TD) sponsored and managed by the Land Systems Division - Land Manoeuvre System Branch includes:

  1. Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Instructions (EMEI);
  2. Specification (SPEC);
  3. Complete Equipment Schedule (CES);
  4. User Handbook (UHB), and
  5. Integrated Logistic Support Instruction (ILSI).
April 2011

LES Software Updates

LES Software Suite - eMRD, eLORA, eMRD Companion

LES has been working on ensuring our software products are kept up-to-date with regards to the latest development environments and programming languages. To this end, we have undertaken to convert all our products from a Visual Basic 6 development environment to Microsoft .Net (pronounced Dot Net). The reason for this is twofold:

  • Firstly, our Visual Basic 6 development environment is way past its use by date and, while it has served us well, we need to ensure the longevity and supportability of our products into the future. Developing in the .Net environment allows our applications to take advantage of the feature of the .Net environment. See this link for more information.
  • Secondly, we are planning on expanding our suite of ILS software tools with the introduction of eLSA. eLSA will be a 'bolt on' application, much like eLORA, that uses the same database layer as eMRD. eLSA (together with eMRD) will provide the user with a completely compliant DEF(AUST)5692 toolset (and more). In order to ensure that we get off on the right foot with eLSA development, our existing software applications must exist in the current development environment: Microsoft .Net. More on eLSA in future.

eMRD is our flagship application and it has gained some enhancements through the conversion to .Net. This conversion provides enhanced access to underlying functions and libraries as well as more efficient code execution which should result in better user performance. We have also incorporated some enhanced functionality over and above the current version of eMRD. Some of these enhancements are:

  • New look and feel
  • Enhance back-end data management particularly the ability to save, share and recall ad hoc queries
  • Enhanced database management and copy functionality
  • Enhanced Functional/Physical LCN focus on main screen
  • Multiple illustration linking per WAC
  • Export to MS Project now has Finish to Start linking for tasks
  • Context sensitive DED specific help
  • Enhanced User Security settings with the addition of a Read Only user (Note: permissions are set per EIAC)
  • The ability to launch other LES applications

eLORA and eMRD Companion have also benefitted from feature upgrades while being converted to the .Net environment. BAE (Williamstown) has been particularly helpful in the eLORA enhancements.

One other change will be the way these applications are installed on a user machine. Currently, each application is autonomous in its installation architecture which means the duplication of common use library files. LES has overhauled the installation architecture ensuring all LES .Net applications are installed in the one directory ("LES Tools" by default). This will ensure all applications use the same common library files and it will also make eMRD 'aware' of other LES applications installed on that machine.

Applications are in final testing and help file production is on the way. We expect to release the .Net suite (V3.x) by the end of May 2011.

March 2011

LES Provides Logistic Analysts to Support BAE's LHD Program

LES has been awarded a contract by BAE Australia to provide logistic analysts in support of the Commonwealth's acquisition of two Landing Helicopter Docks (LHD). The LHD will be the largest ship to service with the Royal Australian Navy and will provide a quantum leap in capability for the ADF. LES will supply the five analysts under an initial 3-6 month contract to complete Level of Repair Analysis (LORA), Logistic Support Analysis of mechanical and communications systems and Onboard Allowance List (OAL) development and validation.

February 2011

LES Provides Logistic Analysts to Support BAE's LHD Program

LES has been awarded a contract by BAE Australia to provide technical authors in support of the Commonwealth's acquisition of two Landing Helicopter Docks (LHD). The LHD will be the largest ship to service with the Royal Australian Navy and will provide a quantum leap in capability for the ADF. LES will supply the three technical authors under an initial 12 month contract.

TFSPO Acquire Additional eMRD Licenses

Tactical Fighter System Program Office (TFSPO) Engineering Management Unit (EMU) recently acquired additional eMRD licences to further enhance their MRD capability. Since purchasing the original licences in June 2010, EMU have reported a 70% increase in productivity and an 80% reduction in the training time of new staff.

LES' eMRD software is currently in use on a variety of land, sea and air projects in both the acquisition and in-service environments. Current licence holders include:

  • BAE Australia
  • Marshall Aerospace
  • Australian Aerospace
  • Thales Australia
  • Tactical Fighter System Program Office (TFSPO)
  • Qantas Defence Services
  • The Asset Partnership
  • Tasman Aviation Enterprises