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Dec 2016

Christmas - New Year Shutdown

As you may be aware LES will be closing down the offices over the Christmas period from 1400hrs 16 Dec 2016 and re-opening 0800hrs 03 Jan 2017. A skeleton staff will be on-site performing critical tasks however, there will be no capacity to take on additional tasks over the shutdown period.

We wish to take this opportunity to thank all our staff and clients for their support in making 2016 a great year. Please remain safe over the holiday period and we look forward to working with you again in the near future.

Logistic Engineering Services (LES) Sponsor the AIDN Golf Day

2016 AIDN Golf Day

LES has been a member of AIDN for over 15 years and has been the sponsor of the “nearest the pin” and “hole in one” since the inception of the AIDN Defence update and golf day.

The day started with a briefing from various contributors and provided participants with an update on current defence projects, particularly Land 400.

After a quick lunch the serious business of golf got underway with a four ball ambrose competition which teamed, rank amateurs with skilled golfers, to produce a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon.

LES are pleased to be the ongoing sponsor of the “nearest the pin” and “hole in one” and we are committed to continuing this tradition in years to come. As yet the “hole in one” has not been won and we look forward to the day that we can celebrate this achievement.

This year’s nearest the pin was won by Charles Ellul from Marand.

We hope that you can join LES next year and hopefully take out the “hole in one” prize!

Nov 2016

Repair Parts Identification Lists

Repair Parts Identification Lists (RPIL) are used by the Australian Defence Organisation (ADO) to produce Repair Parts Scales (RPS), which enable maintenance personnel to identify and demand the correct authorised repair parts for maintenance activities. The RPIL is subject to the requirements of DEF(AUST)5629B, which is quite specific in relation to the layout and format of the associated documents.

LES has vast experience in developing the RPIL and illustrations (example shown above) and is currently providing these services to a number of Defence Industry Primes and SME. Contact Mr Warren Smith on 03 8698 6400 for further information on these services.

Oct 2016

Project LAND121 PH4 Purchases eMRD

LES is pleased to announce the LAND121 Phase 4 Project Team (Hawkei) recently purchased eMRD to support the efficient review of contract deliverables for the PMV-L (WSDB).

eMRD is a DEF(AUST)5692 compliant database primarily designed to facilitate the development of the Logistic Support Analysis Record (LSAR) Logistic Control Number (LCN) structure and the conduct of Maintenance Requirements Determination (MRD), Failure Modes & Effects Analysis (FMEA), Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM) and Task Analysis (TA) that supports the development of valid Technical Maintenance Plans (TMP) and Planned Servicing Schedules (PSS). The easy to use windows interface and single screen visibility provides the analyst with the ability to utilise the application’s intuitive functionality to reduce errors and provide significant efficiency gains.

The Land121 Phase 4 Project Team join the growing number of Defence Agencies and Defence Industry organisations to rollout eMRD in support of their MRD and LSAR data management functions.

Land Forces Conference 2016

Logistic Engineering Services recently attended the Land Forces Conference in Adelaide. The conference provided an excellent opportunity to view emerging capabilities, listen to innovative new ideas to support Army in the ever-changing combatant environment and network with industry and defence leaders.

The conference was also a valuable opportunity to receive an update from CASG during the LEWG of the latest impacts/opportunities to current or emerging projects and the direction that Army is taking. In addition, the opportunity to meet face to face with project managers or leaders of defence industry and gain an understanding of their challenges, requirements or future objectives was invaluable.

For Logistic Engineering Services, Land Forces Conference 2016 appeared to be one of the best attended by industry and defence and had a very positive vibe. Logistics Engineering Services welcomed the opportunities provided by key defence members and industry to discuss our Integrated Logistic Support capabilities and how we may be able to serve their requirements in current or future projects.

LES Restructures for the Future

From October 1 LES has implemented a new organisational structure that will provide the management and reportability to support its future growth. The new structure establishes 3 new managers and provides staff a visible growth path for those who aspire to higher management levels.

Alex Khoo moves into the Information Systems Management position taking over from Dave Muscat. Alex has responsibility for all IT support to LES and its many software customers.

Dave Muscat has moved from Software Development into a new role of Consulting Services Manager where he is responsible for supporting our clients that require higher level or specialist consultancy services.

Terry Woodland has moved into a new role as ILS Services Manager and is responsible for project oversight of all ILS projects and tasks.

An increase in client base and contracts is directly attributable to the quality and commitment of our staff and value for money services they provide.

LES is committed to our Mission to deliver innovative value for money services and solutions that meet requirements, exceed expectations and contribute to customer success.

Sep 2016

AS P-8A Logistics Support Analysis Records (LSAR) and Related Authorised Maintenance Data (AMD)

The final deliveries for the AS P-8A LSAR and related AMD project have been made to the AIR 7000 Phase 2B Project Office, bringing to a close the latest Weapon System Database (WSDB) development project conducted by LES for the Australian Defence Organisation (ADO).

The AS P-8A WSDBs contain the P-8A Poseidon maintenance policy that is used initially as a basis to populate CAMM2 and subsequently to maintain a record of approved changes as applied to CAMM2. The policy is derived and converted from the US Navy (USN) P-8A maintenance policy to meet the requirements of DEF(AUST)5692 AL2 and CAMM2.

The bulk of the project, which included the development of WSDBs for the Air Vehicle, Ground Support Equipment (GSE), Aircraft Life Support Equipment (ALSE) and Mission Support System (MMS) and ADAASS' for the Air Vehicle, ALSE and MSS has been completed on time and within budget. LES continues to provide ad hoc transition services under the provisions of the RFQTS until November 2016.

LES with Mates4Mates


Logistic Engineering Services (LES) recently completed the 22 push ups in 22 days challenge to raise money for our returned service personnel in their fight against PTSD and or physical injuries sustained. In completing the challenge the company donated $100 per day for the 22 days of push ups. It wasn’t hard to gain maximum participation from the LES staff as they all realised the importance of the campaign. LES were pleased to present the donation of $2200 to Mates4Mates at the Land Forces conference. LES will be working with Mates4 Mates in the future to assist them in other activities.

Maintenance Requirements Determination (MRD) Workshop

LES recently attended the Sept 2016 Maintenance Requirements Determination (MRD) Workshop hosted by the RAAF Aerospace Systems Division (ASD) in Canberra ACT.

The MRD Workshop enables representative from various Systems Program Offices (SPO) to get together to discuss changes to the MRD process. Two of the main topics at this workshop were changes to AAP7001.038 MRD Manual to align the MRD process with the Defence Aviation Safety Regulation (DASR) that is being introduced to replace the current Military Operational and Technical Airworthiness Regulations, and the continued evolution of DEF(AUST)5692 LSAR Requirements for the Australian Defence Organisation. This involved the acceptance of an LES proposal to form a subordinate working group comprising of interested parties to expand DEF(AUST)5692 to enhance the MRD process by capturing additional Failure Modes Effects and Criticality Analysis (FMECA) elements, and the expansion of the standard to capture additional Royal Australian Navy (RAN) and Australian Army unique data elements to enhance its effectiveness during the acquisition and Through Life Support (TLS) phases for new equipment.

Project AIR7000 PH2B Purchases eMRD

LES is pleased to announce the AIR7000 Phase 2B Project Team (P-8A Poseidon) recently purchased eMRD to support the efficient conduct of maintenance policy reviews and updates to the P-8A Weapon System Databases (WSDB).

eMRD is a DEF(AUST)5692 compliant database primarily designed to facilitate the development of the Logistic Support Analysis Record (LSAR) Logistic Control Number (LCN) structure and the conduct of Maintenance Requirements Determination (MRD), Failure Modes & Effects Analysis (FMEA), Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM) and Task Analysis (TA) that supports the development of valid Technical Maintenance Plans (TMP) and Planned Servicing Schedules (PSS). The easy to use windows interface and single screen visibility provides the analyst with the ability to utilise the application’s intuitive functionality to reduce errors and provide significant efficiency gains.

The Poseidon Project Team join the growing number of Defence Agencies and Defence Industry organisations to rollout eMRD in support of their MRD and LSAR data management functions.

Delivering Integrated Logistics Support Training for Defence Industry

As an experienced provider of Integrated Logistic Support, Logistic Engineering Services has developed a variety of courses to support companies grow their own internal capabilities. These courses range from half-day courses to four and five days courses focusing on specific areas of Integrated Logistic Support. We also have the ability to tailor courses to meet the specific needs of a company.

This year alone Logistic Engineering Services has delivered the ILS Practitioner Course to Rockwell Collins Australia, Austal and one public course, a Level of Repair Analysis Course to Austal and delivered and EMEI and UHB course to IDES. These courses introduce students to areas including Materiel Life Cycle and Logistics Disciplines, Introduction to DEF(AUST) 5691, Technical Data Management (TDM), (RAM-T), Level Of Repair Analysis, Configuration Management (CM), Logistic Support Analysis Record (LSAR), DEF(AUST) 5692 (LORA), , Life Cycle Costing (LCC) analysis.

In support of our own suite of ILS Software we have also provided training on eMRD to various companies who have purchased our software as well as providing ongoing support and advice.

If you would like to know more information about any of the courses we provide please visit LES Training for more information.

Aug 2016

LAND 40-2 – NIOA and LES, a Great Example of Australian SME Collaboration

Since 2007 Logistic Engineering Services (LES) has been supporting NIOA on a variety of Defence projects. NIOA is Australia’s leading privately owned small arms supplier with access to extensive international resources and capabilities.

Land 40-2 is the acquisition of the MK47 Lightweight Automatic Grenade Launcher (LWAGL), a man-portable, crew served, ground mounted weapon system used in the offensive, defensive, suppressive and neutralising role against point targets out to 1200m and area targets out to 1500m.

The system consists of the MK47 Grenade Launcher, MK108 Tripod, MK107 Mount and the Lightweight Video Sight 2 (LVS2) which provides day/night viewing, target ranging, ballistic computation and aiming aids.

LES initially supported NIOA by providing the Tender Response Bid Manager and is now providing the Integrated Logistic Support (ILS) for the program. This support includes:

  • Developing specific ILS plans
  • Developing the Technical Documentation to support the organic Defence maintenance requirements
  • Developing the Operator manuals that ensure the safe and effective use of the weapon system
  • Developing the operator and maintainer training in accordance with the Systems Approach to Defence Learning (SADL), including
    • The training recommendations Report (TNGRECR)
    • Learning Management Packages (LMP)
    • Training presentations

The program is on schedule and budget and currently progressing the Acceptance Test Program (ATP) which is expected to highlight the accuracy and effectiveness of the system to the users involved. Introduction into units is expected to commence in late 2016.

LES and NIOA have developed a strong relationship that is focused on providing the best possible outcome for Defence whilst building Australian Capability. LES continue to support NIOA in other Defence related programs.

LES attends the 2016 Aircraft Airworthiness and Sustainment Conference

Staff from LES recently attended the 2016 Aircraft Airworthiness and Sustainment (Australia) Conference held in Brisbane over the 19-21 July. The conference focused on all facets of Airworthiness, Sustainment and Ageing Aircraft, with representatives from a diverse range of local and international organisations and defence groups. LES held discussions with several attendees regarding the use and capabilities of eMRD and LES’ experience in supporting customers developing LSAR and LORA products.

Key presentations and discussions were held regarding the upcoming adoption of Defence Aviation Safety Regulations and the improvements that will be gained over the current Technical Airworthiness Regulation (TAREG) framework. LES will be attending the inaugural International Military Airworthiness Regulation Conference to be held in Melbourne over the 14-15th November 2016.

If you are interested in attending the conference, details can found here.


Changes to Concurrent Licensing in eMRD


Concurrent licensing (or Server licensing) is where a customer uses eMRD (and our other software applications) over a LAN, WAN or peer-to-peer network and the max users are controlled by this “server” based licence. With the current (and previous) version of eMRD, if a user wishes to run two or more sessions from their PC, each session would use a license. For customers with a small number of seats, it is easy to see how you can max out your licence count quite easily. We have addressed that in the next release of eMRD (V3.4.1) which should be out on the streets mid-August 2016.

Why run more than one eMRD session?

There are many reasons why a user would want to run more than one eMRD session when managing a WSDB. The most likely is clearing Anomalies after an Anomalies check. The advantage of having two sessions is that the Anomalies list can be left open in one session (and used as a reference) while the other session is used to work through, and clear, the error list. Other reasons for running more than one session might be to compare data side by side.

What have we done to eMRD?

During our current revision cycle of eMRD, we had a number of internal discussions regarding the fairness of requiring a user to use a licence seat each time a new session of eMRD was used on the same machine. We subsequently decided that this was not fair and have changed the way multiple sessions are handled for concurrent users. Concurrent users will (with the release of eMRD V3.4.1) be able to run multiple sessions of eMRD on the same machine and only use one licence seat. We will also make equivalent changes to eLSA and eLORA at their next revision.

To read more, why not check out our Software Blog.

Early 2016

Rockwell Collins

Rockwell Collins selected LES to present its ILS Practitioners Course and Level of Repair Analysis Course to provide personal development to their ILS staff.

While delivering the course LES took time out to present to the Executive Management of Rockwell Collins the importance of ILS and how it must be considered at each stage of the Capability Life Cycle.

The course was well received by the students attending the course and Management expressed a better understanding of ILS.

Lockheed Martin for Sea 1770

LES has been contracted to provide Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) Services to enable Lockheed Martin Australia (LMA) to support the development of the SEA 1770 Program through life support system that will assure it meets the mission system availability requirements.

The LES contribution includes development of the FMECA report, LORA report, Disposal Plan, LSAR, and Training Support Plan.

Lockheed Martin JORN Tender

LES has been contracted to Lockheed Martin to support the logistics support response requirements of the tender for the AIR2025-6 Program. LES has been providing specialist advice including:

  • Lead Authoring of the Integrated Support Plan and Training Support Plan, for acquisition and support, and
  • Lead the Basis of Estimate development for the Training Support related implementation.

Supacat and Rheinmetall

LES was contracted through Supacat to provide Integrated Logistic Support to Rheinmetall for their tender response to Land 400 Ph2.

LES provided specialist support and advise to contribute to the ILS submission as part of the RFT response. This included ILS and Maintenance plans and Support requirements.

Jacobs in support of TFSPO

LES has been contracted to Jacobs to provide specialist MRD support to TFSPO. Tasks undertaken by LES include:

  • Converting various Hornet aircraft related equipment (primarily oxygen related) deeper level component maintenance schedules, called out in publications, into a CAMM2 Electronic Planned Servicing Schedule (ePSS) to enhance maintenance efficiency of these items;
  • Reviewing Hornet TMPs to promulgate appropriate Senior Maintenance Manager (SMM) interval extension authorisation IAW AAP 7001.038 MRD Manual;
  • Developing a storage/reconstitution plan for Hornet aircraft;
  • Reviewing the Classic Hornet TMP to remove ‘trade classifications’ for generic tasks;
  • Developing a preservation servicing for the Hornet AME;
  • Optimising ePSS Hornet Ejection Seat structure; and
  • Carrying out various MRD transactional tasks as directed by the MRD Manager.


LES recently delivered the 2 day EMEI and UHB Author Course to IDES under the SADI funding arrangement. This course provides participants with the knowledge and skills to enable them to develop various technical publications to meet the requirements of DEF(AUST) 5629B using the Commonwealth supplied templates using real world practical examples.


LES have been contracted to provide Specialist ILS and General Support to Thales for the development of the Australia’s Civil and Military Air Traffic System (ACMATS) OneSky RFT response. The support and advice is focused on the ILS & Support activities for the hardware, training and Information Systems.

Sikorsky Helitech

Sikorsky Helitech is the latest Australian company to become a user of the LES proprietary software, eMRD. Sikorsky Helitech identified the quality and efficiency benefits of using the DEF(AUST) 5692 AL2 and AAP 7001.038 compliant functionality in support of the MRD activities for the MH-60R Romeo Helicopter fleet.


LES has enjoyed a long relationship with NIOA Defence and most recently Bid Management Support for their LAND 17 Future Artillery ammunition RFT response development.


LES have been contracted by Cablex for the development of an Installation Manual for a capability currently under development.

BMT Technology

LES is currently supporting BMT Technologies in the review and update of a number of CI packs and Standard Activities related to the maintenance support of the Armidale Class Patrol Boat.